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Glenn is hiking in a UT jacket.
Glenn Ladd

While planning his brother's 24 person bachelor party, Glenn had the idea to create Bach. He was known as "the nucleus" to his college crew - he was always creating the fun to hold everyone together.

Professionally, over the past 13 years Glenn has built world class, industry leading sales teams in multiple large tech companies. (BigCommerce, Qualia, Main Street Hub)

Belinda is wearing a sparkling TX hat.
Belinda Bennett

Belinda forced her best friends to plan her own 24 person bachelorette party in Miami. Karma served her the opportunity to then spend the next 8 years planning multiple large group travel experiences, including over 15 bachelorettes and a 50 person family reunion.

Professionally, Belinda has been a data nerd for the past 13 years. She helped to build the data teams at Airbnb and, and she was most recently the Head of Data at Transform pre-acquisition by dbt Labs.

Heather is smiling with her hair pulled back.
Heather Siegel

Heather is the queen of details, ensuring all friend travel goes smoothly and optimizes for the maximum amount of fun.

Professionally, she has been a sales and customer service expert across multiple $1 billion valuation tech companies (Qualia, TrendKite, SignPost). Prior to the tech world, Heather earned her JD from Tulane University.

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